Professional blockchain technical team for the enterprise solutions


Statecraft Technology Co. Ltd were founded in September 2017, is a professional research and development team of blockchain infrastructure. We use the characteristics of blockchain technology which include “Decentralized”, “Trustless”, “Collectively maintain”, “Reliable Database”, etc., to customize an applicable business model and solutions for a wide range of industries.


KTrade is Taiwan's first trading platform that provides a crypto mining community, all transaction fees are reimbursed to the users. With the features of separation mechanism, we can help companies get token listed on our exchange platform. In order to prevent its circulation from being hampered by market price, KTrade also provides multi-currency transaction services to ensure these token values. In additional, we seek to establish a reciprocal cooperation model for sustainable development with diverse industries.


Issue KTrade Token (KT) to provide a common-sharing mechanism for the holder to enjoy the benefits of transaction and the return of the renewal fee.

Change Your Imagination With Blockchain.
We are a professional blockchain technical team, committed to provide solutions for the enterprise.
Technology orientation

Creating smart modules of blockchain, reducing the time and cost of development, speeding up smart enterprise transformation, and driving the development of the smart economy.

Digital innovation

Solve problems, optimize industry structure, and seek continuous operation.

Design thinking

Human-centered, adapted to customer needs, based on professional techniques, and seeking to create a new business value.


Application and Deployment of Blockchain

Smart Contract

Dapp Applications and Innovation

Distributed Blockchain Server

Leasing Service

Financial Product Design and Release

ICO / IEO / IPO Consulting Services

R & D
We design economic models based on blockchain for all industries to develop customized solutions
Blockchain  // Ethereum  // Hyperledger // EOS // NULS V2.0 
  • Distributed Ledger   Technology(DLT)

  • Permissionless

  • Decentralized


  • Smart Contract

  • Proof-of-Stake(PoS)

  • Decentralized Applications(Dapp)


  • Hyperledger Frameworks

​         Hyperledger Sawtooth /

         Iroha / Fabric / Burrow /


  • Hyperledger Tools

         Hyperledger Caliper / 

         Cello / Composer / 

         Explorer / Quilt /​ Ursa


  • Ethereum EVM Compatible

  • Proof-Of-Stake Consensus Protocol, PaLa

  • Thunder Token Reward Mechanism



  • Modular Design Adaptability Base On Micro Service Architecture

  • Cross Chain Base on Mainnet

  • PoC(Proof of Credit)

  • Smart Contract

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